rushing to find engaging centers


use my monthly centers with less stress and less prep time!


I’ll keep up with the centers
so you don’t have to!

I've been in your shoes...

It was exhausting! And I hated how much time and money I was wasting on things I used once and tossed in the filing cabinet never to be seen again.

What if instead...

you came home, and waiting on your doorstep
was a box of center activities perfect for your students?

Each monthly shipment includes:

... so you can plan better center activities with less stress and less prep time!

Hey there! I'm Meghan.

When I say I’ve been in your shoes, I mean it. That teacher rushing around at the last second looking for tomorrow’s centers? That was me. So. Many. Times.

One time, in the hustle and bustle of setting everything out for the centers I had planned for right now, I needed clothespins for a cute clip card activity.

I looked in the closet… nope. My desk drawer… nada. I finally found them in the back of the room hanging up student projects on a clothesline. I didn’t have enough to do the activity, and had to scramble to find something else last minute.

Does that sound familiar?

Like something you've done 20 times? Yeah, me too.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Teachers like you (and me!) are exactly why I created the
Keeping Up With Centers monthly subscription!

Here's how it works...

Open your box

Inside you'll find everything you need for this month's centers - printed for you!
(Just looking for digital files? That's an option too!)

Grab your paper cutter

Cutting is quick and easy, because I know you don't have time for complicated cutouts. Every piece can be cut quickly with any paper cutter.

Kick your feet up

Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and catch up on your favorite show because your centers are D.O.N.E!

No more forgetting to print the center pieces you need or going to 7 stores looking for pom poms.

"Oh my goodness! Such an abundance of goodness included in this pack! I have found the activities and games really useful for practicing and reinforcing skills with my students."
Jessica M.

Ready for all the details?

The Print + Digital Box

$21.95 per month

Printable Files Only

$9.95 per month

What's Included?

5 ELA & 5 Math Centers

Each center comes printed in color on cardstock, ready to use. The centers are either stand-alone or might require additional materials which will be INCLUDED in the box.

High Quality Activities

10 monthly themed centers with rigorous, but easy to complete centers your students will love. These are designed for students to use independently or in small groups.​

Center Supplies

Everything your students need to complete the center activity is included, so you don't have to hunt for materials! These will vary each month, but may include pom poms, counters, pipe cleaners, etc.

Extension Activities

These activities keep the learning going week after week so your can use the same pieces multiple ways.

Digital Files

You'll get lifetime access to the printable files so you can reprint anytime you need more copies of the activities.

Special Surprises

Some months, will even include a special teacher surprise chosen just for you!

You'll feel just like this happy teacher...

But you'll need to act fast!

Due to the time it takes to pack and ship each box, we’re only able to offer a limited number each month. Boxes will ship by the 25th of each month so you have time to cut.

Which version is for you?

The Print + Digital Box

$21.95 per month

Digital Files Only

$9.95 per month

"This has been a lifesaver! I was at a bit of a loss as to what more I could do to support my student with phonics, and this pack has everything!"
Sarah R.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the beginning of each month, subscribers will receive a survey to complete asking them what they will be teaching or reviewing the next month.  Activities will be created around the needs of the teachers and students.

I totally understand, and want to make this easy on you. Subscriptions can be canceled or paused by emailing me at the beginning of each month.

Yes, some centers will be seasonal or holiday themed, but most will be generic enough so you can reuse in small groups or centers month to month.

Yes!  All the centers and activities can be played individually or with a group.

No, they are printed on cardstock for durability, but laminating will increase the reuse time of the centers.  Also if you are required to clean between groups, laminating would be necessary.

No, everything is included that you will need. The only student supply required is a pencil. You will be provided one copy of any included worksheets, and will need to make a class set of photocopies.

You will receive one color printed copy of each center on cardstock. If you need additional copies, you can print them from the included digital files.

Since each class size is different, you will be provided one copy of any included worksheets, and will need to make a class set of photocopies.

You’ll need to cut apart the center pieces, but I’ve made sure every piece uses straight lines so it’s easy to cut with a paper cutter. There are 40-50 pages total each month. You’ll also need to make a class set of copies for any worksheets that are included.

All you’ll need are pencils and photocopies of any worksheets included.

All boxes will be mailed by the 25th of each month at the latest.  Many times this shipping date will be closer to the 15th. 

So what are you waiting for?

Choose your subscription option, and sign up today!

QUESTIONS? I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. Just email me, and I’ll get right back to you! 

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