Dear Son, Before Your Big Test…


Dear Son, Before Your Big Test… is written for my son, Nate.  He came home nervous yesterday as he is preparing for his first ever state mandated test.  All of our children and students are MORE than these tests.  Use this post to share how your children are more than what this test will show as well!  – Thanks for reading and sharing!

Dear Son, Before Your Big Test

Dear Son,

Before your big test, I wanted to remind you that you are more important than what that piece of paper is going to tell us. The printout from that test is not going to tell us anything about the learner and person that you are. YOU are my greatest student. As a teacher, it is hard to watch you prepare for this test. I see the self-doubt and I see the fear in your eyes. I know you are anxious, but before your big test, listen to me.

This big test does not define you! You are more than this test. It won’t even be a completely accurate report of your intelligence since it is computerized. It will be more about how well you can move, drag, type and manipulate the computer and test items. It doesn’t define you, because it doesn’t know you. I know you and I am so proud of you.

This big test does not know your personality! It doesn’t know that you are kind hearted, sensitive, and caring. It doesn’t know that you love Science and animals or that you are super ticklish! This test doesn’t know that you are a strong believer in Christ and that He guides your decision-making.

This big test does not know how creative you are! It doesn’t know that you can build the most amazing houses on Minecraft or can take paper and make precious keepsakes. The test won’t show us anything about your imagination and that is an important part of who you are.

This big test doesn’t know how much you are loved! And my oh my, you are LOVED! You are loved by your family, friends, and even your teacher. So not matter what this “big test” comes back to show us, just know that you are SO much more and you are loved.


Your Mom who is so very proud of you!


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