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I know…I know…you clicked on those gorgeous planners and sticker shock made you close the brower before you even looked at the amazing features and colorful colors. Here’s the deal, you are worth the investment and the thought of being unorganized next school year has to make your anxiety skyrocket. I have 5 solid reasons why an Erin Condren Teacher Planner is worth every penny, actually more than five, but I’m only sharing my top 5 today!

Reason 1 – Full Year Calendar View

How often do you need to look at a calendar quickly and realize that you left your phone somewhere in the room or car? Maybe I’m alone in this, but I honestly do both of those many times during meetings. However, I always have my planner to jot down for notes. The very front of the Erin Condren Teacher Planner has this amazing 18 month spread that you can glance at for planning and scheduling. I use their transparent stickers to color code important dates, meetings, and those “oh, so important” days off. Don’t judge me! You know you do it too! Notice I add a key at the bottom to remember what each color represents.

Reason 2 – Stickers

This might sound like a silly reason, but one reason I use stickers in my planner and don’t write on the calendars with my favorite Flair or Ink Joy pens is because they are easy to remove, and they don’t leave the sticky residue or rip the pages. The pages of the planners are printed on heavier than normal paper so they are more durable and less likely to have your ink bleed through. I do write on the teacher planner/lesson plan pages, but the calendars I try not to. The stickers in the back of the planner ensure that I always have something to write on. Real talk for a moment…you know those meetings always get rescheduled or something is canceled. I can remove and reschedule many of those meetings without using whiteout or marking through the words…remember this planner is an investment.

Reason 3 – Data/Checklist Pages

All those checklists!!! I always buy the most checklists for the back of the planner. I use them for everything from data, grades, benchmark information, progress monitoring, field trip forms, PBIS points, etc. You can literally use the checklists for EVERYTHING! Seriously! Instead of hauling around my Student Data Folders to meetings, I just grab my planner and go. Since I order a planner with the most pages, I don’t mind if a new student moves in. I simply redo my roll and start a new section. I always have plenty pages left over which I then use for end of the year checklists or summer “To Do Lists”.

Reason 4 – Checklist Petite Journal

A brand new product this year for EC are these Checklist Petite Journals. Oh boy! You need one of these too. Yes, I realize that it is an extra $9, but you can never have enough lists and areas to record data. Haven’t we established how awesome those pages are already?

Reason 5 – Clear Pockets

Reason 5 is a big one! Don’t you hate having to have a million different notebooks and then a planner on top of that to lug around to all the teacher meetings? Just me? I don’t think so! You can customize your EC planner to include up to 3 clear pockets at the back, and you are going to want to have all three! Here’s what I store in mine: Pacing Guides and Standards, Student Info Sheets, and Important EIP or RTI Forms. This way I don’t have to run back to the room when the Academic Coach is asking where we are on the pacing guide, or the RTI teacher asks how my Tier 2 group is performing, or I need to contact a parent, but left my cell phone in the car (didn’t we cover that bad habit previously?). It is all right there!!

One last bonus reason is the REWARDS! Yep, sign up using my link and you can get $10 off your purchase, and be sure to sign up for their rewards program. You can refer your teacher friends and get discounts, coupons, and free gift cards. It is simple, and then you don’t have to pay for your next planner! For real! Click here to register and earn your $10 off coupon!



  • I love my planner! It’s soooo worth the price! Wish I could earn the $ 10 off or win the free on but I’ll pay just to get mine next year ! Thank you for your blog. Great information!

  • Where did you get the pouch that said, “Collecting all the Data”?

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