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FREE books for students?  Yep, you read that correct!  Each of my students receive a free book each month from the Scholastic Book Club orders.  Here’s how…

Back in the summer, I saw a few teacher friends who were looking for book sponsors for their students.  My son then commented on how when his teacher did Scholastic Book orders that he always felt badly for the student who couldn’t order new books.  Yes, we always ordered…every single time we had a chance.  His compassion spoke to me, and I knew that I needed to make a way to ensure that each of my students received books.

Did you know that each month Scholastic has amazing titles for just $1 each?  They also have amazing book bundles that are a dollar a book as well.  Last month, Scholastic had a Pete the Cat book set – 12 books for $12.  My Pete lovers were so excited.

Teaching in a high poverty school means that literacy is not the focus.  Basic needs are more important than book orders or book fairs.  I posted on social media asking my family and friends to sponsor my each of my students for a $10 donation.  Just $10 for each student meant that they would receive a book every month from August to May.

So far, my students have each received 3 books.  Each month, they are so excited to find out what book they will get to take home and add to their collection.  If you decide to do this, here are a few pointers…

  • Ask that donations to go to a Paypal account that is devoted just for ordering these books.  You don’t want to mix this in with your personal account.
  • Have a way to hold yourself accountable and show the donors you are using the money the correct way.  You can either send the donors a picture of the receipt or send them a picture of your kiddos with their new books (see my pics above).
  • Double check with your administrators to make sure they approve of you doing this.  They might not like the idea of you taking money from donors to spend on your students.  (Just check to make sure!)

So head on over and set up that Scholastic Book Club account.  One trick is that each month, different offers are available to help you get the most points and rewards for your purchases.  Last month for example, if you spent over $50, you would get several copies of books for free.  I went ahead and bought four months worth of books and a few books on cd for my listening center.  Then, I was able to get an extra month of books for free.  I have them put away until it is time to give them out each month.


Now, grab a tissue…seriously… I have one little friend who keeps bringing his new books back to school each day.  I finally asked him why.  His response made me cry and remember why it is that I am doing this for my students.  He told me that he couldn’t leave his books at home because he was afraid his little sister would draw in them, and he has never had books of his own before.  Gah…gets me even while typing this…gah, I love my job and my sweet kiddos.


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  • Hey there. I love the student book sponsors idea!! Do you have a letter you post on FB to your family and friends? I’m just sitting here thinking about how to word it. Thanks! Jennifer

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