Welcome to my EIP pull out classroom!  My classroom serves around 86 students a day all ranging from Kindergarten to 3rd grade.  My room is functional for all the needs of my students and reflects my personality with its bright colors and fairytale theme.


My desk is my home from 8:25-2:45 where I am serving students with small group instruction.  So it is important for me to stay organized and have an abundance of materials within reach at all times!  Normal everyday teacher supplies are organized in my drawers on my desk.  Student supplies (glue, crayons, markers, pom pons, wiggle eyes, segmenting cards, flashcards, and dice) are all stored on the shelf next to my small group table.



I also have iPod and iPad charging station located near my desk.  I currently have 15 iPod touch devices and 8 iPads.  My amazing printer is AirPrint capable so students can print easily as needed.


This section of my room is where hours have been poured with organizing, sorting, and making.  These center buckets are my pride and joy!  Most of the resources are ones that I have made or found by other TPT sellers that I love!  I also have all my math manipulatives carefully sorted and placed here.  On the top shelves are all of my leveled readers ranging from AA to level M.


My reading center is a great place for students to practice independent reading.  Most of my books are leveled by grade equivalence, but I don’t stress over picking just right books.  I just want my students to read!!!


I currently have 9 student computers and a SmartBoard.  A room divider separates my computers from the small group table so that students are able to focus and stay on task during group time.  I am able to monitor students but the noise and visual distraction is filtered.


A new addition to my room this year was my magnet center.  I have used this station every day since it was added to my room.  My obsession with magnetic paper sheets has grown stronger with this center. My kids love it too!!!  From magnetic letter sorts with Kindergarten to spelling vce words with puzzles, it is a favorite of all of my students.


I hope you enjoyed this look into my 2nd home!  I love my job and my students!  I’d love to get a chance to see what your classrooms look like!






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