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One of my biggest issues this year was that I had a lot of reference books that I needed for my job, but they kept getting all mixed up or bent in my desk drawers.  So after searching my room for an alternative, I discovered that my room divider/pegboard would be a perfect solution!
FullSizeRender 90


I use the peg board now to hold task cards, reference flip books, and font cheat sheets.  It is perfect for all the things that I need for quick reference.  I was stressing out constantly buying O rings to hold everything together, then I discovered a cheaper alternative.


Yep, those are paperclips!  A huge pack of round paperclips is SO much cheaper!  I just punch the holes and then zip those babies around the circle and they are just as secure as they were with an O ring.

FullSizeRender 88Do you need a space like this?  A cheaper alternative would be to take off the back of a bookcase and replace it with pegboard.  Then use the back of the book shelf as your pegboard.  Pegboard is fairly cheap and you won’t regret the upgrade due to the storage and organization help!

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