Which Phonics Bundle is the Right Fit?


Phonics is hard to teach and sometimes it is even harder to find resources that meet the needs of your students.  I’ve tried to make that a little easier by providing three different Phonics Intervention Bundles.  However, I know sometimes it is hard to know which bundle will be right for your students.

No Overlapping

The first important thing to remember is that all of the phonics bundles are independent.  They do not overlap in any way.  So, if you choose to buy one or more bundles, you will have completely different activities, readers, and fluency strips for a stand-alone RTI program or a supplemental Tier 1 resource.


Pre-K and Kindergarten

The Phonics Intervention Bundle for Kindergarten is perfect for students who need to learn letter recognition and letter sounds.  I often get asked by kindergarten teachers if they need this bundle or the Early Readers bundle.  Here’s the deal, ask yourself what skills you are teaching the majority of the year?  What type of students do you typically teach?  If you usually have students that come to school not knowing letters at all and by Christmas, you are still teaching letters and letter sounds, this bundle is the right fit for your classroom.  If you are an EIP, ELL, or co-teach classroom for students with special needs, this is going to be the best bundle for you.

The repetitive text and visual cues for the phonics readers, will allow your students to feel confident as they are exploring guided reading groups.


Early Readers

So your students know their letters and letter sounds?  Are they ready to blend letters into 3 letter words?  The main focus on the Phonics Intervention Bundle for Early Readers is getting your students to READ!  Showing students that letters come together with their individual sounds to make words is a huge task for early readers.  This bundle will give you the support that you need.  I can’t put a grade level assignment with this bundle, because while it will work for after Christmas kindergarteners, it also provides great material for first graders and below grade level second graders.

Phonics Lessons, Phonics Activities, Phonics Intervention, Phonics Lessons

What should you ask yourself to see if this bundle is right for you?  Are your students able to produce isolated letter sounds?  Can your students produce three letter sounds with fluency?  If yes, this is going to take your phonics instruction up a notch to help those students learn to read!

Phonics Lessons, Phonics Activities, Phonics Intervention, Phonics Lessons

The phonics readers and fluency strips focus on word families.  This will help support rhyming and reading fluency.  **Helpful tip – by pulling activities for the word family that you are focusing on, you can allow your students hands-on practice that will increase engagement and motivation!  The dot cards are the perfect pair for guided reading practice.**

The Phonics Intervention Bundle for Early Readers provides practice and materials for CVC words and words with blends.  There are a few long vowel activities, but the main focus is on short vowels.


phonics - phonics games - phonics activities - phonics lessons

Independent Readers

Ready to tackle higher phonics skills with your students?  The Phonics Intervention Bundle for Independent Readers focuses on vowel digraphs, vowel diphthongs, consonant digraphs, trigraphs, double consonant endings, double oo words, and final stable syllables.

How will you know if your students are ready for this bundle?  Are they able to fluently and accurately read words like…

  • cat
  • cap
  • hop
  • bug
  • hut
  • rug
  • flat
  • grab
  • twig

If yes, this is going to be the perfect fit.  If not, go back to the Early Readers bundle.  This bundle is truly for students who can read short vowel words and have a fairly strong sight word base.  In this bundle, the focus is on learning to apply complex phonics patterns to produce and spell words correctly.  While there is a strong focus on reading and learning to read words that follow these complex phonics patterns, most students at this level can figure out the words in context.  We want to step it up a notch and have readers who can learn to read the words in isolation or produce the words in their own writing.

The phonics readers in this bundle are AHEAD OF THEIR TIME!  As requested by a customer, these readers will have a paper version and eBook version.  Students can either flip pages of a paper book or swipe the digital book.  I hope to add this option to the other bundles soon too!


Who isn’t a good fit for these bundles?

If you are a teacher who is looking for minimal prep…sorry!  This just isn’t going to be a good fit.  Yes, the bundles are hundreds of pages.  They need to be printed, more than likely laminated, cut, prepped and organized.  HOWEVER, do this once and you are set for life!!!  Seriously!  Pull these skills with just about any grade level that you teach in the future for your struggling or high readers.  I developed these programs to work based on skills and not standards.  Our students learn based on where they are, and they need skills to help them master standards.

I hope you found this helpful!  All three bundles are GROWING!  I am slowly adding more content to each of them which means that the prices for all will slowly increase over time.  Don’t delay!  If you have had your eye on a bundle, purchase before a price increase!  Click below to purchase!

Kindergarten Bundle

Early Reader Bundle

Independent Reader Bundle




  • What do you use to adhere the covers to the organization box? Trying to figure out the best solution to be long lasting. 🙂
    I can’t wait to use these kits this year!!

    • I laminate the covers and then use high temp hot glue to glue them to the boxes.

  • Where do you purchase the box to organize your materials?

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