Phonics Interventions for Independent Readers


Sure, your students can read cvc words and words with blends?  NOW WHAT?  Are you ready to tackle those harder phonics skills that make your students more independent readers?  Tired of searching high and low for phonics activities that aren’t just rhyming and sorting?  Good news!  It is here!  The Phonics Intervention for Independent Readers is 600-page resource of goodies, ready to meet the needs of all of your students that are ready to read!   Ready to try it for free?  Just click here!phonics - phonics games - phonics activities - phonics lessons

Where do I start?

If your students can read, write, and spell words with short vowels INDEPENDENTLY, they are ready for this pack.  Here’s how to get started!  This bundle covers the following skills that will rock your phonics lessons like no other!

  • Long Vowel Patterns
  • Vowel Digraphs
  • Diphthongs
  • Consonant Digraphs
  • Trigraphs
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Double Consonant Endings
  • Final Stable Syllables

phonics - phonics games - phonics activities - phonics lessons

Who is this pack for?

These are skills that are on grade level for second-grade students.  The grade level band is higher level first grade, on grade level second, and below grade level third and fourth graders.  Keep in mind that the skills incorporated in the bundle are focused on students who can already read around a level D.

phonics - phonics games - phonics activities - phonics lessons

What is included?

Oh my goodness!  Did I mention that this pack is already 600 pages?  Guess what?  I’m not even finished!!!!  It is insane!  Right???  Right now, the bundle includes…

  • 80 Pages of Fluency Strips (They even are differentiated with high and lower levels)
  • 16 Different Engaging Games
  • Phonics Word Cards – for lessons, word walls, pocket charts, and more!
  • Printables – edit these pages to include words you are teaching to step your instruction up a notch!
  • And more is on the way!  Phonics Readers are up next and they will blow your mind!

phonics - phonics games - phonics activities - phonics lessons

Here’s what you need to know…

There is so much more to be added to this bundle.  As it grows, you will be notified of all the awesome additions and how you can use these strategies in your classroom.

Best news ever?  Because I want your students to get their hands on these hands-on materials TODAY, I’m offering you a special promo price… as more content is added, the price will go up.  That means that TODAY is the day to purchase before there is a price increase!

phonics - phonics games - phonics activities - phonics lessons

What I love!!!

I love using dot cards to blend and segment!  I had to include them in this bundle too!!!  So I am introducing double and triple dots to students.  These will help them visualize the phonics patterns.  Guess what???  These are included in the 40-page free download!  How do you claim yours?  Just click here!



  • Hi! I got the free download and I am confused about some of the answers on the final stable syllable spin, spell, and cover. On the -ble, -cle, and -dle board, I can’t figure out what word that represents. Also, on the -ple,-sle, -zle, and -tle board, the ladybug and shoe. Is there an answer key for these boards? Thank you very much for your outstanding resources. I’m looking forward to using them with my students!

  • Hello,

    I just purchased the Phonics Intervention Bundle for Higher Phonics. I have attempted to download it several times and it only comes up with the first two pages. I am very concerned since this was not a free download.

    Thank you

    • Hi! Click on page two and it will take you to the download

  • Hi! I signed up for the free download and it never came to my inbox. Can you help me get it?! Thank you

  • I can’t download the free bundle. I want to see if this would be appropriate for my group of students. I want to try it and see how they respond to it.

  • I’ve emailed you as well, I haven’t received the freebie downlod in my inbox when I’ve submitted all my info.
    Do you mind emailing it to me?


  • I have purchased all 3 phonics bundles from you… what size iris boxes do you use for storage ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Megan,

    I am wanting to purchase but want more information about how you organize this resource. Is there a video that shows this? or specific instructions once you purchase?


  • Hi,
    Where can I go to see your videos on how games are played?


  • I downloaded this bundle and have not been able to find the 80 pages of fluency strips. Please let me know which folder they are located in. Thank you!

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