Hands on and interactive notebooks that allow students to independently work on phonics word families while staying engaged. Digital versions now available.

Phonics word family practice that is ready to meet the needs of all of your learners! Your students will learn, build, rhyme, spell and read with all of the activities that are included in these phonics adapted binders. Be sure to checkout the PREVIEW for a sample of what the notebook has included.

This download is the WORD FAMILY BUNDLE. There are 18 total notebooks included for different word families. Each notebook is 30+ pages.

NEW!!! Digital versions are now available. When you download, there will be a folder titled “Digital”. You can open these files in Google Slides or send the file in Microsoft PowerPoint to your students to complete.

Students will…

-learn the words and pictures

-match the words to the pictures

-match the pictures to the words

-find the initial sound of each picture word with letter tiles (provided)

-build the picture word with letter tiles (provided)

-sort words that are in the word family or not (2 different sorts)

-sort pictures that are in the word family or not

-practice spelling the words with word shape boxes

-practice spelling the words with no assistance

-read a passage with the word family words

-answer questions about the passage

-identify picture words and write the words from the passage

Why adapted binders for phonics and word families?

-Adapted binders allow students to have an anchor for their learning.

-They can learn and practice at the same time.

-The visual cues and reference pages under the tab “Learn It” allow students to feel supported as they practice independently.

-Students will be practicing on grade level content with the support and structured practice through the activities provided in the adapted binder.

-The teacher makes the decision on what students should practice. If you don’t want your students sorting the words independently, just remove those pages from the binder. You can put as many or as little activities in the binders to differentiate while meeting the needs of your students.

There are endless possibilities for the Phonics Adapted Binders, but here are a few ways that I have used them with students and parents.

-Individual practice for students struggling with a specific word family.

-Early finishers can grab a notebook to practice with while students are working in groups or centers/stations.

-Parents can checkout the notebooks from the teacher to practice at home. Many times parents want to help, but are not sure what to do. The notebooks allow them to practice with their students without doing a worksheet.



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