Daisy Lanyards


Show up to school or your job in style! Create a personalized lanyard. Choose from several color combos and options to make a lanyard you’ll love all year round!

Lanyards are strung on a tan paracord and tied with a break away clasp.

Each lanyard features an acrylic circle for durability and the name is attached to the top of the circle. Please note the lengths of each of the lanyard options to choose from.  The paracord can be cut and retied to your desired length. A Lobster clasp is also included.

All lanyard options have the print on the front and back.  If you wish to have your name on both sides, choose that option for double personalization.

ALL LANYARDS HAVE FREE SHIPPING. Please note due to personalization of these lanyards, shipping is estimated to take 10-15 business days.  We do our best to ship prior to this estimate.



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