Blending and segmenting dot cards for both short and long vowel words. The cards can be used for both grade level blending standards for kindergarten and first grade or for interventions (RT) with grades second and up.

The Blending Cards encourage students to:
❶ Produce each sound individually while touching the dots.
❷ Blend the sounds together to form a word.
❸ Match a picture word to the word on the card.

The Segmenting Cards encourage students to:
❶ Look at the picture word and the word pattern (short or long templates provided).
❷ Say the word and think about the sounds.
❸ Produce one sound for each dot.
❹ Use letter tiles or pencil and notebook paper to spell the word.

The blending and segmenting cards print 5 to a page and are all divided into groups based on their vowel patterns (short a, e, i, o, u, and long patterns). Drawer labels are also provided if you wish to store the bundle the same way that I did. Here is a link to the drawers on Michaels’ website.



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