8 Essential Classroom Organization Tools


Let’s get organized! If you are anything like me January is always the month for a fresh start to all things school, home, and life.  After the Christmas rush it seems my classroom needs a bit of organization and order, and if i’m being honest probably my home too. I confess…. I was spending my last few days off searching Amazon for some amazing organizational tools.  I found so many great things and I knew I just had to share with you all. Best of all these 8 essential classroom organization tools work for any classroom color scheme or theme.

I’ll start with my most favorite: the stackable bins with hinged lids.  These are amazing for so many things in the classroom.  They are great for keeping bigger supplies such as kleenex, hand sanitizer, wipes, and even lunch boxes.  They could be used to store books the students need to return to the library, small whiteboards, or scrap paper.  If you like to make things extra organized you could add a label to the lid. The possibilities are endless with these bins. These are very similar to recycling bins I previously had purchased from Ikea. Click here for the link.

WTM BBCL- Three Pack of Stackable Bins with Hinged Lids 24 Quart Size (pack of 3)

Next up are the 4 cup caddies.  These help the students  keep their table supplies organized and tidy.  Students  can put pencils, scissors, glue, and whiteboard markers in their own separate compartment.  No more searching for glue sticks.  Everything has a place, and best of all, the caddy can be carried from one area of the classroom to another without dropping a single thing.  I also use these caddies at my small group table.  I can organize my writing tools, post-it notes and anything else I may need during my small group time. Click here to see more.

This little cutie is a must have for your teacher work area! It’s great for organizing notepads, tape, pens, and anything else you may need quickly.  This also works great in your classroom meeting area.  It can hold student name sticks, correction tape, and pointers. Click here for the link.

Desk storage box,Desk Organizer,Vanity Organizer, Cosmetic Storage Organizer, Makeup Organizer, Mini Desk Storage for Office Supplies, Bathroom Counter or Dresser, Office Supplies, Toiletries, Crafts, etc,White

I saw these and I immediately thought about the drawers in my classroom. (You know those oddly shaped, skinny drawers you have no idea what to do with.) These organizers have helped me organize all my drawers.  I used them to hold excess pencils, erasers, brads, paper clips, stickers, and so much more.  The best part is, when I open the drawer everything has a place.  I can even send my students to get something and they can find it right away.  Click to see this set.

How many of you are so thankful for your 1:1 iPads and/or chrome books, but dread the charging cables?  I know. I hear you!  This excellent little tool is just what you need. These cable clips can be attached anywhere in your room and they keep the cables nice and organized.  No more crying and spending too many hours to count straightening cords.  These little clips would also be great at your computer to organize usb cords.  Click here to get a few packs.

Are you looking for new cubbies for your cubby storage system? You must invest in these that have lids. They make organizing student supplies much more eye appealing without items spilling over the top. My students store their extra supplies, head phones, and computer mice in theirs. Pro tip: always tape login cards to the lids so they never go missing again. Click here to see all of the color options.

Storex Small Cubby Bins – Plastic Storage Containers for Classroom with Non-Snap Lid, 12.2 x 7.8 x 5.1 inches, Black, 5-Pack (62463U05C)

Anybody have morning work centers or Steam activities?  These zipper pouches are amazing to use for organizing these activities.  They can hold just about anything and they are small enough to store in a bin (the hinged lid bins would be great to store the zipper pouches in.)  If you organize daily take home books for your students, these zipper pouches would be a great tool to use.  They would keep the book safe from wear and tear, but not too bulky for students to bring back and forth. I use these for EVERYTHING! Seriously, they are amazing! Click here to grab some.

EOOUT 24pcs Mesh Zipper Pouch Document Bag, Plastic Zip File Folders, Letter Size, A4 Size, Black, for School Office Supplies

The last on my list are the small shoeboxes with a lid.  I use these for storing art supplies, or supplies I need for different units I teach. For example, I teach a unit on light, so I store flashlights, sun glasses, prisms, mirrors, and other items that I think I might need to help teach students about light.  They are perfect for your classroom closets and shelves. Click here to see more.

Whew!  I don’t know about you, but something about all these organizational tools has my heart going pitter patter.  I hope you find these tools helpful in your own classroom.  I look forward to hearing how you use them in your classroom. 


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