You want to meet the needs of all of your students the first week of school, but after two long months that dream has been overwhelmed with paperwork, meetings, and assessments galore!
It’s ok, really!  We all feel this way and there is hope!

I’m Meghan Harris AKA Mrs. Harris and it’s my passion to provide teachers and parents with instructional materials and tips to easily meet the needs of your students and children.  After 10 years or working with students in a public school setting, I started this blog and store to help teachers who struggle with meet the needs of their students and parents who have children who need extra help at home.  I love working with teachers and parents like you because I am exactly like you!  I have a child who needs the extra support and I know how frustrating that can be.  The blog posts and materials that I have are proven to work, because I have used them at school and at home.

I work as a district level Early Intervention Coordinator and oversee the instruction that teachers are using for struggling students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grades.  I also work with RTI (Response to Intervention) with all grade levels as well.  I create educational products that make learning fun, unique and engaging to motivate even the most reluctant learners.  Take a look for yourself by clicking here!

Want to know more about me?  Checkout my Bio!  Head over and read all about My Favorite Things here!






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