November Sensory Bins


It is no surprise to teachers that hands on learning sticks, and when you can, add in sensory play or fine motor practice too? Why?

November Sensory bin for first graders.  November math center that is fun and hands on.

During the month of November, we begin our addition unit in my first grade classroom. I realize that domino addition is not anything new and dominoes have been used as math manipulatives for forever, but adding the dominoes to a sensory bin for students makes it much more fun and engaging.

Supplies you will need:

  • popcorn seeds
  • feathers
  • shredded paper – gift wrapping or Christmas section
  • pony beads
  • turkey cut out (I have a free one for you)
  • dominoes
  • tongs/kid tweezers (fine motor)

Addition Dominoes

This activity can be used as a center activity or small group lesson. Students pull out the dominoes using the tweezers/tongs. Then they record the dots on the worksheet and add. One way that this same activity can be used to enrich students is have them pull out dominoes with the same sum on the top row and then a different sum for the bottom row. You can also adapt this activity for subtraction.

November Sensory bin for first graders.  November math center that is fun and hands on.

Other ways to play?

Once you have your sensory bin prepared, use it all month long! Here are a few other ideas…

  • Add letter tiles and students can spell sight words or spelling words.
  • Roll a dice and count out feathers. Make addition sentences using the feathers.
  • Match upper and lowercase letters using letter tiles.
  • Add rhyming word picture cards and students can pull them out to match them.
  • Add word cards and students can solve mixed up sentences.

What other ideas do you have? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below!


Want to download the addition and subtraction domino sheets for free along with the turkey printable? Just click here!


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