Expectation Center Box


I know! I know! We either…

1️⃣ Just got out for summer


2️⃣ Are struggling to end the school year

BUT…Do you remember that struggle last fall to find just what you needed to help establish expectations? You search, printed and then still couldn’t find exactly what you needed?

I have what you need AND it comes printed to your house!

After listening to what teachers needed, we decided this special edition summer box will set up to help you establish expectations in all different areas of your school building!!

Here are a few of the activities in the KINDERGARTEN box…

🚌- Bus Expectations Board Game

🚽- Bathroom Etiquette spin and cover

🍽️- Lunch Etiquette Clipcards

🛝- Playground Expectations Sort

✂️- Classroom Expectations Puzzles

📓- Classroom Etiquette Spin and Cover

✏️- Bus, Cafeteria and Recess Fill the Bucket

📣- Voice Level Clip Cards

🤫- Hallway Expectations Spin and Cover

📚- Classroom Etiquette Sort

And BEST NEWS yet, our boxes also include all the spinners, game pawns, sorting cups, and game chips so you don’t have to search and find anything!

Save yourself from some BACK TO SCHOOL 🏫 stress! Let us take this off your overflowing plate!



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