20 Amazon Must Haves


Ready to kick off 2020-2021 school year with 20 Amazon Must Haves? I’ve compiled a list of what I think are classroom essentials for this upcoming school year that might make social distancing and learning possible!

20 Amazon Classroom Must Haves for the 2020-20212 school year.

Please note that this post has Amazon Affiliate links. I get a few cents per purchase to help pay for the upkeep of this website. Please note that this does not cost you any extra to click and shop.

Anchor chart classroom solution to hold all the charts.

Must have #1 – Anchor Chart Storage

I recently posted all about this amazing anchor chart storage solution that doesn’t take up much wall space. Must have #1 is actually two different products: Wall Mount Hanger Holder and Pants Hangers with Rubber Tips. Pictured are my Phonics Posters. Click here to see those.

Contact paper to cover classroom tables.

Must have #2 – Shiplap Contact Paper

Oh say it isn’t so! But it is! I HATE contact paper, but after my little white table was turned into a graffiti wall by a little friend, I had to recover it or paint it. Even the strongest magic eraser wasn’t touching those deep scrapes and marks. This shiplap contact paper is beautiful and made the table look amazing. Click here for this contact paper. Please note that this says bulletin board paper, but do not purchase this for that purpose. I have even better paper I will list below.

Amazon Must Have - Portable white board for small groups or anchor charts.

Must have #3 – Rolling White Board

Again…all those anchor charts were taking over my walls, board, and life so I wanted a portable white board that I could roll and use as I made anchor charts too. This was the perfect solution. It isn’t too big and the heigh adjusts…because shorty can’t reach real high… Click here to see the details.

Amazon Classroom Must Have -  Tissue paper flowers to decorate your classroom.

Must have #4 – Tissue Paper Flowers

No words needed. These flowers are just beautiful and make me happy. Click here for the link.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Classroom calendar and pocket chart.

Must have #5 – Pocket Chart Calendar

I decided that I hated having my classroom calendar hot glued to my white board and I went in search of a cheap pocket chart. I finally settled on this one and BONUS it came with a calendar set! Now I might end up changing this a little, but I was shocked that it came with all the pieces. Maybe I should read descriptions a little more closely before purchasing. Here’s the link to the calendar and pocket chart.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Long tables for flexible seating.

Must have #6 – Long, Skinny Tables

With social distancing and needing surfaces that can be cleaned and sanitized often, I am SO thankful that I purchased these tables last year. Our school had similar ones, but they were all claimed by other teachers. I saved a few Amazon cards and invested in these tables and I couldn’t be happier with them. Click here to get the dimensions and other details.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - White bookshelves for classroom storage.

Must have #7 – Shelves

We have to find places to store #allthestuff so I purchased these Walmart brand cubby shelves. They hold a lot which is a massive plus. Of course you can purchase from your local “Wally”, but here the link to the exact same ones on Amazon.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Classroom storage

Must have #8 – Clear Storage Boxes

I fell in love with these clear storage crates from Staples. I like being able to see what is in the boxes. Here’s the link.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - incentive beads for positive behavior and goal setting.

Must have #9 – All the BEADS

Amazon is the best place to order all of the beads and lanyard materials to implement positive reinforcement programs or goal incentives. I have a post all about what I do and how to use this alternative to brag tags. Click here to read the post and get all the links to the items listed above.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - White notebooks for classroom storage and materials.

Must have #10 – Binders

You must have all the notebooks! These binders are sturdy and super cheap.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Magnetic paper for classroom displays.

Must Have #11 – Magnetic Paper

Have you heard about printable, magnetic paper? If not, I might have just become your BFF. You can literally print on magnetic paper, cut and then display on your white board or anywhere metal else that needs to be transformed into a display. I print my Expectations on magnetic paper for my white board and it is right where those little eyes need to see their reminders. Click here to see the magnetic paper I use. Click here if you want to see more about my Expectation Display.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - HUE HD document camera for the classroom.

Must Have #12 – Doc Camera

If you need a reliable doc camera for next year that won’t break the bank, a HUE HD is just what you are looking for. It saved me so many time during our distance learning in the spring. Here’s the link!

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Dry erase pouches for the classroom.

Must Have #13 – Dry Erase Pouches

I LOVE this brand of dry erase pouches. I have tried the ones in the Target Dollar Spot and it was a #totalfail. They cracked in less than a week. These are flexible and sturdy. I actually use these as our “Take Home Pouch”. I like being able to see through them if parents send in money or notes. Link is here!

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Back to school photo booth

Must Have #14 – Backdrops

Give me all the backdrops! A friend and I had this idea to do a Back to School photo booth last year for Meet the Teacher. It was a HUGE success and it cost less than $13! For real! So cute! Here’s the one we used.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Alphabet stickers for the classroom.

Must Have #15 – Alphabet Stickers

I love this extra word wall for my white board. These adorable stickers were in Michaels last summer and I had to have them. I laminated them and hot glued them to my board. Bright colorful and a whole lot easier to stick than to cut out with a Cricut in my opinion. Here are the stickers!

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Glow party materials and supplies

Must Have #16

YOU MUST have a glow party next year! It is the best experience ever for your students and is so engaging. You can pretty much review every skill imaginable. There are so many good ideas, that instead of just linking one item, I am linking my Amazon page with all my glow party goodies. Click here!

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Bulletin Board paper.

Must Have #17 – Bulletin Board Paper

Woah…don’t you go scrolling by! This isn’t your typical bulletin board paper! This stuff is MAGICAL! For real! Paper that is more like plastic that doesn’t rip, that you can write on with dry erase, that wipes clean, that doesn’t show staple holes, and SO much more! It’s she lovely? You need it! Go ahead and add to cart!

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Sit Spots to mark off students spaces and area on carpet or floor.

Must Have #18 – Sit Spots

This made the list last year and will probably make the list next year too! Sit Spots are amazing and now that we have to monitor our distance between each student, we need to show them exactly where we want them to sit. Unfortunately, my students are rough on items like this so mine had to be replaced for this year. Click here to see which ones I purchased.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - Classroom doorbell for transition and classroom management.

Must Have #19 – Wireless Doorbell

Again, this made the list last year too! If you don’t already have a doorbell to signal when to stop and look or when to clean up or rotate, what are you waiting for??? Click here to purchase.

Amazon Classroom Must Have - picture books

Must Have #20 – All the BOOKS!

Saving the best for last? I think so! Yep, all the books. You all know that I LOVE my books. All 1,893 of them (currently). I’ll continue to add to my collection…I mean my library, but I’m being more intentional with my purchases these days. A couple of years ago, I began paying more attention to the cultures, ethnicities and races that were in my books. I am making sure my students are represented in the books that I purchase these days. I teach in a very diverse school and my students deserve to see themselves in the characters they are reading about. There are way too many good books to list here, but if you wish to see my favorites, click here.



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