Christmas Around the World for Google Classrooms


Breath in and out!  That’s it!  One breath at a time will help you survive between now and your Christmas Break!   One common problem this time of year that has nothing to do with students is battling the long copy machine lines.  Keeping our students busy and learning can be two different things.  However, together it can be a powerful duo.  Google Classroom has changed the way that I teach the past year and a half.  I feel that my students are gaining computer skills and content knowledge as fast or faster than I can create.  So, this week before break, you won’t find me in the lines of the copy machines!  Instead, we are doing Christmas Around the Word with Google Classrooms.

Christmas Around the World with Google Classroom


Why go digital?

  • No papers to copy.  Save the trees and the time!
  • No cutting or gluing.  Yes, those cute craftivities are cute and time-consuming, but the mess to clean up afterward is SO not worth it!
  • No directions for kids to follow.  Everyone can see for themselves the expectations and activities to complete.  No worrying about repeating the same directions 20 times.
  • Click, send, and DONE!  Absolutely NO prep work!

How does it work?

Take a look!  You purchase, download, click, save, and assign!  It’s so simple!  If you don’t have access to Google Classroom, these activities could easily be compelted whole group on an active board instead!

Which countries are covered?

Christmas Around the World with Google Classroom

The pack is GROWING!  By next year, you will own around 20 different countries!  So far, there are eight fun different Christmas traditions and holiday celebrations to enjoy.  They are England, Australia, Hanukkah, Kwanza, France, Sweden, Germany, and Mexico.  Need one not listed?  I take requests 🙂  Just comment on this post and I will send it your way!

What activities are covered?

Christmas Around the World with Google Classroom

Each of the countries or holiday celebrations, includes 10 slides of activities and learning opportunities.  There are usually 5-7 reading passage pages with some sort of parts of speech activity, a writing prompt for making connections, Venn Diagram for comparing and contrasting, vocabulary for learning new words from other cultures, and/or discussion questions.  All the activities have text boxes already inserted so your students know exactly where to type and what to do.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the GROWING BUNDLE, click here!  For a limited time, Click Here for a free sample.


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  • We just discussed doing this as a virtual field trip! This looks amazing!

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