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Classroom management and thinking through how my classroom will run is more important than the decorations and arrangement!  Do you agree?  My classroom has several different strategies set up; and as needed, I will adjust accordingly as my students arrive and I learn their needs.  Today, I have 8 Classroom Management Tips for you to make the most of your space and will allow your elementary classroom to function more smoothly.


Tip #1 – Enter and Exit the Room

When students enter the classroom, I have it set up so they can drop off their lunchboxes and snacks right at the door.  They can also change their transportation clip on the door (if they have a note of course).  This is all within the first few seconds of entering the classroom.  As students exit for the day, they are reminded of 7 Mindsets (character education curriculum) and of how they are going to go home that day.


Tip #2 Bathroom Passes

Also located at the door, I have these light signals for students to push on if they are going to the restroom.  This way, one will go at a time, and we don’t have to keep up with hallway passes.  They gross me out anyway!


Tip #3 Voice Level Posters

Near my front board, I displayed these awesome noise level posters from The Applicious Teacher.  She has a great blog post on how to deal with a chatty class.  You can read more here and sign up to download these posters.  Click here!


Tip #4 Supply Display

Instead of constantly repeating myself about what supplies or materials that students need for an activity or assignment, I am going to use this display on my white board.  This display is available in my VIP Resource Library.  If you aren’t already a member, you can sign up here.  I printed these on magnetic paper for easy display and use on my white board.


Tip #5 Technology Expectations

We all know that displaying expectations is important.  They are also very important when communicating iPad or technology expectations.  These posters are available in my TPT shop.  Just click here for more details.


Tip #6 Turn in Baskets

How will you encourage students to evaluate their own performance on a specific task?  This is a quick and easy way for students to ask for help without drawing attention to themselves.  They turn their folder face down so no one sees which basket they placed their paper in.  I am going to use these baskets for independent work and center tasks.  I have these free basket labels in my VIP Library.  Click here to sign up.


Tip #7 Homework Folders

I’m saying goodbye to traditional two pocket folders for my homework folders and communication method for this year…for now at least.  I am going to try using dry erase pockets.  This way students don’t have to worry about destroying a folder, and parents can clearly see if there is an important message or not.  Do you have any other ideas or special tricks for homework folders?  I would love to hear them.  Psst..these labels are also in my VIP Library.  Click here.


Tip #8 Behavior Bracelets

How are you going to help those little learners that need another reminder to stay focused, not talk quite so loudly, or keep their hands to themselves?  I have a line of behavior bracelets that I will use.  Students wear the reminders on their wrist.  I can then hold up a one, two, or three to remind them of their goal on their bracelet and get them back on track without calling their name or redirecting them with words.  Nonverbal cues tend to work for students with attention seeking behavior.  See more about these behavior bracelets by clicking here!

What classroom management tips or tricks do you have to share?  Comment below.  Want to see more about my classroom? I did an entire blog post of my classroom reveal.  You can see more by clicking here!



  • How did you hang the bathroom light signals!? I’m going to try this out with my 5th graders!

  • How did you put the letters up on the walls? Love it!

  • Do you use the doorbell for all transitions for every subject?

    • No mainly when we are transitioning between stations.

    • I love the bathroom pass idea. In middle school, two can be out at a time and that is super helpful for kids to be able to check if they “can” the bathroom. Thanks!!!

  • Where can I get the sight words you have hanging from hooks for the alphabet

  • I once taught elementary (I used a stoplight to regulate volume). I must say, it’s odd how different high school art is…These ideas are not applicable, but are, nevertheless, much appreciated.

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