DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Back to School Bundle


Go back to school with all the essentials you will need to survive the first week of school including Open House or Meet the Teacher! This Back to School Pack includes expectations, routines/procedures, data, and stations for parents to go through so you can get all the essential details on your new class!

There are 5 different amazing products that I use each and every year with my own class included in this bundle.  Here’s what’s included:

Classroom Expectations Pack

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t reteaching classroom expectations daily, you are probably still seeing some behavior that are…less desirable. This Classroom Expectations Display and Printable pack helped me turn my classroom around in a week. No seriously…a week. We were perfect, no, but we are so much closer to where I need us to be than we were before. These visual cues allow students to see what they are supposed to. For these displays to be work, you need to use the language that you use when you explain your expectations. For that reason, I have included an editable version. Type your expectations with the provided templates. You can help your learners see and hear the same words that they are expected for follow.

What’s included:

  • Example of a Digital Display
  • Template for a Digital Display
  • Ready to Print and Go Expectation Chart
  • Editable Version of the Expectation Chart

Expectation Areas Included:

  • Basic Rules
  • Arrival to School
  • Reading Time
  • Carpet Area
  • Dismissal
  • Hallway
  • Bathroom
  • Groups and Centers
  • All of these can also provide a combination for other parts of your day as well.

This pack could also be used as part of a PBIS program.


Student Data Folder

Looking for ways for your students to organize and be responsible for their own data? These student data folders are just what you are looking for! This product was designed for primary students to understand their data, set goals, and track their own progress with the help of their teacher. The ready to print pages are aligned to fluency, benchmark assessments, sight words, computation, etc. There are also blank templates included as well so you can design or print your own file folder specific to your needs.

New Template available that only uses one side of the data notebooks and reduces the amount of cut and prep.

I used two products that can be found on Amazon to make these Student Data Folders work for me.

-File Folders with Fasteners (pack of 50)

-Astrobrights full sheet labels (makes the cover colorful and doesn’t require laminating or gluing

Why a file folder with fasteners?

Previously, I’ve used data notebooks with my students or for myself. However, they are bulky and get heavy when taking back and forth to meetings. File folders are great, but the papers fall out and become unorganized. The file folders with fasters are the perfect solution. The pages stay in order. I can add more if I wish, and they aren’t going to take up a lot of space in desks or cubbies.

Student Led Conferences?

These file folders will be perfect! Students can use their data folder as their guide as they share with their parents their goals and their progress towards those goals. #BESTNEWEVER – new conference forms and thank you cards for parents have been added! Yay!

***New Design option if you want to just have one side for data and the other side of the notebook for documentation.***


Interactive Word Wall

Why have a word wall that your students rarely look at and use when you can transform your word wall into an interactive part of your classroom? This pack features Fry words 1-100 and creates an interactive word wall in your classroom. This word wall pack can be used to change the way your students write and learn. Students can go to the word wall and pull an O-ring of all the word wall words that start with a particular letter to use in their writing. The word wall display won’t take up a ton of room and will be completely useable in your classroom.

NOW EDITABLE! – Just type in your own words, print, and go!

Printer Friendly Version Available – Word templates are now available that can be printed on colored paper to save ink! You can type and print!


Meet the Teacher Stations

Wow your parents for Meet the Teacher or your Open House with station rotations and a personalized PowerPoint! This pack includes everything you need to set up 8 different stations for parents to visit, activities to complete and PowerPoint template for you to customize. Parents will love learning more about you and your classroom.

Great news! The bundle is editable so you can do the stations that you want to and delete the rest! Add your own directions to make this a truly customized experience for your parents and students. Currently Adobe is the only editing option, but no worries, PowerPoint version will be added this weekend.

Here are the different activities that are included:

-8 Station Signs and Directions

-Sign in Sheet

-Teacher PowerPoint Template

-First Day of School Transportation Name Tags

Second Day of School Transportation Name Tags

-Transportation Information Sheet

-Food Info Form

8 Premade Stations that can be edited:

1. Sign In (with a welcome form/directions)

2. Transportation (Form to fill out along with name tags for first two days of school)

3. Contact and Communication (Personalized PowerPoint Template)

4. School Supplies (provide a school supply list here or directions on how to unpack)

5. Find Your Seat

6. All Those Forms (Directions for parents as they fill out forms)

7. Take a Look Around (Classroom Tour)

8. Food Info (allergies, diet concerns, etc)

This set has everything that you need to successfully implement stations for Meet the Teacher or Open House.


First Day of School PowerPoint

First Day of School PowerPoint file includes 20 slides/pages. Including…
4 fun first day activities for students slides to cover classroom rules, morning procedures, hallway procedures, bathroom rules, lunch procedures, and recess rules. File can be modified for any classroom.

This is just what you need for the first day of school to teach your expectations, procedures, and engage your students.



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