DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Classroom Expectations


Transform your classroom by establishing CLEAR expectations for your students.  Visual reminders help students remember what is expected of them so they can exceed rules and protect instructional time.

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t reteaching classroom expectations daily, you are probably still seeing some behavior that are…less desirable. This Classroom Expectations Display and Printable pack helped me turn my classroom around in a week. No seriously…a week. We were perfect, no, but we are so much closer to where I need us to be than we were before. These visual cues allow students to see what they are supposed to. For these displays to be work, you need to use the language that you use when you explain your expectations. For that reason, I have included an editable version. Type your expectations with the provided templates. You can help your learners see and hear the same words that they are expected for follow.

What’s included:

  • Example of a Digital Display
  • Template for a Digital Display
  • Ready to Print and Go Expectation Chart
  • Editable Version of the Expectation Chart

Expectation Areas Included:

  • Basic Rules
  • Arrival to School
  • Reading Time
  • Carpet Area
  • Dismissal
  • Hallway
  • Bathroom
  • Groups and Centers
  • All of these can also provide a combination for other parts of your day as well.

This pack could also be used as part of a PBIS program.



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